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zh1nt0 (Community Manager) answers Battlefield 3 questions

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    zh1nt0 (Community Manager) answers Battlefield 3 questions

    I've compiled a list of questions that were asked to zh1nt0 (Dice Community Manager) and the answers he kindly provided.

    Community Manager Q&A Pre-Podcast

    Here's the Q&A that happened before the podcast:

    Quote Q: How has the air combat changed since BF 2? And how much damage do bombing runs do to the environment? Will there be two-seater jets? a aircraft piloting section in the SP?
    A: Can't comment on Gameplay aspects just yet

    Quote Q: How is DICE making sure that the game is a true successor to Battlefield 2 and not Bad Company 2? Can we expect any new game modes?
    Good luck with the game, I'm absolutely sure it will be awesome and I can't wait to get my hands on it!
    A: Well first off, Battlefield Bad Company 1 and 2 were sort off spin-offs. You can clearly see it as a road-movie compared to BF3 which has a more serious tone. The tone in BC1 and 2 was more humorous. We also brough back Prone, Large scale and also Jets. The title also gives it away as a true successor since it's just Battlefield 3.

    Quote Q: Does he use an Usas/Saiga in sdm?
    A: I've used it a few times. Not really my type of weapon

    Quote Q: How did/do suggestions affect the making of Battlefield 3?
    How heavy do the suggestions from the community count?

    Gl, I'm really looking forward to the podcast and obviously the game
    A: Suggestions from the community counts a lot. Tune in this saturday to find out!

    Quote Q: Will bf3 on xbox support true 1080p graphics rather than upscaled 720p? Or will they at least be honest about the resolution on the box cover???
    A: Not talking about footage that hasn't been shown yet. Let's give the dev team some time to perfect their work. Still a long time left before the release of this masterpiece.

    Quote Q: Have you decided if you will implement modding support or not? Does DICE know about the active community still playing and developing Battlefield 2 and -1942 mods?

    Are you going to stick to previous sniper balancing method of making it easy to spot them, or do you consider other possibilities, like upping the difficulty of shooting and switching the kit's main role from killing to support and spotting?

    Do you intend to make more official server-side rules, or do you think the custom "baserape" auto-bans and kit-limitations are fine?

    What kind of unlock-system we'll get for new weapons and extensions? Is it the usual, linear way or will we get some kind of currency so we can decide the unlocks we want?

    When are we going to to see large scale multiplayer gameplay?
    A: As I said previously. I'm not commenting on any gameplay specifics at this point. Changes are being done to everything from one day to the next so whatever I would say now, might change in the course of a few days. Let's make sure everything is settled before making an announcement on weapons and gameplay specifics.

    As for mod tools, yes. We are aware of the modding community in Battlefield all the way from BF42 to BF2142. Nothing has been decided yet regarding mod tools and that's an answer that will come further down the road.

    Quote Q: Will BF3 have many more maps compared to the "4″ maps of BC2?
    A: Can't announce how many maps just now just like I wrote a few posts higher up. " Changes are being done to everything from one day to the next so whatever I would say now, might change in the course of a few days". The Karkand pack will bring additional 4 maps to the base game.

    Quote Q: Will console get a server browser ?

    If you cant answer that can you at least make sure the right people at DICE know that console players want to see a server browser on BF3 ?

    A: Thanks for posting! I'll let them know.

    Quote Q: When will we be able to see MP footage?
    A: For us to show anything, we really need to be happy with the quality and what we're showing. MP footage will be shown further down the road.

    Quote Q: How is it like to work as a community manager?
    A: Tune in to the cast on Saturday and find out.

    Quote Q: I'm a huge BF1942 fan and there's a lot of thinks I don't like about BF2. The point system makes everyone play for their own sake, the maps had too many flags resulting in going round in circles.

    What are the teams feelings on BF2? Have you personally played BF1942? What are your personal feelings about the two games?
    A: Oh yes! And I loved them both. Feedback on older games is a strange thing. Some people really embrace the nostalgic feeling and praise the older games as if they were the best things released to date. I had the feeling that BF2 really promoted teamwork with a bunch of different elements to point players in the right way. BF42 was the same for me. Great teamwork and awesome game!

    Quote Q: Hi zh1nt0,

    Can you tell us will there be any kind of 'theater mode' in the game so that we can watch previous games from a specific period?

    I mean something like in Black Ops (you can watch (from every player perspective) all the games from last 7 days). I mean this is probably the best way to prove is someone cheating or not + some YouTube integration would be great addition.
    A: Theater mode or Battlerecorder as we call it is a great addition to any game. I've passed on the feedback mentioned several times since the launch of BC2 and let's hope it gets integrated.

    Quote Q: We all saw the Little Bird chopper in the Fault Line trailer mini guns raining down shells (DROOL). Just a suggestion to pass on to the devs. A troop transport instead of a air assault type, 2 players on side seats with the pilot and passenger in the cockpit, with mini guns slung under the side seats. It would give players the ability to quickly drop squad mates into the enemy base then provide close air support.
    A: Feedback noted. Thanks!

    Quote Q: I know it's been mentioned already, but zh1nt0, it's imperative that you make the devs realize the importance of a server browser for consoles (remember, mate, you promised that you were pushing for one).

    Okay, a new question: will there be clan support [on all platforms]? Things like leaderboards, intra-clan hierarchies, challenge systems, permanent/"unique" tags, and the like all count towards clan support. Personally, I won't be joining a clan either way, but you can't deny that a stable playerbase brought about in part by a thriving clan scene extends a game's longevity.
    A: Too early to discuss such things at the moment.

    Quote Q: Tnx for your time, I really appreciate it. Second question.

    Most BF clones, including mods, tend to fail because it seems to be extremely hard to design maps that work well.
    Now a writer writing a book goes back every five minutes to read what he wrote. In multiplayer games like these, testing maps would require a massive amount of man-hours. Do you guys have a dedictated testing team at your diposal?
    A: Of course. Every gamedeveloper has something called a QA Team which means Quality Assurance. Their job is to try out the game to make sure it runs and then some.

    Quote Q: How many percent of the DICE Team are Swedish?
    A: Well since we're in Sweden a lot of us are from around here. We do have other nationalities present though. British, American, Japanese, Germans and many more

    Quote Q: Everybody know dice is working at bf3 but Why you ignore the ranking issues Shops playing bfbc2 conquest on PS3 EU Servers? Bfbc2 is a #1 game but make Not more Fun with Problems everyday!
    A: We're monitoring the servers and putting a lot of effort into organizing the stats databases and other values. We're very sorry for the inconvenience but we're hard at work with both BF3 and making sure BFBC2 is playable for you on all platforms.

    Quote Q: What will happen after the launch of BF3? Should we expect to see regular VIP map packs? Should we expect a full-blown expansion (a la BC2 Vietnam) – maybe 2143 (personally I loved 2142 and feel it definitely deserves a sequel)? Will we ever see a Bad Company 3? Or maybe a few smaller downloadable 1943-style Battlefield games?

    I am aware that you won't be able to shed much light on this topic, but a few hints would be very helpful.
    A: Now now.. Let's just wait for BF3 to launch and then you will see. The Karkand pre-order initiative has already been announced.

    Quote Q: About the chopper….you guys should look at Project reality for BF2…2 players on each side and an amazing handling
    A: I never played PR but I've heard good things. Will fire up BF2 and give it a try in the coming days.

    Quote Q: it seems to me that Dice wants to make the game more accessible to new players by giving them godguns (m60) or guns that require no skill (auto shotguns). I really hopeyou guys understand that noobguns get abused by good players, creating a very frustrating experience now and then. I hope you think of new alternatives for that. But i expect you will, because your expectations of bf3 are obviously a lot different than those of bfbc2.

    Btw: in MoH, giving some people weapons cause they bought the game at a certain store is a really bad idea, especially if theres only a few very similarweapons in the game.

    Anyway bfbc2 still is the best fps out there by far, tanks
    A: "Giving" players guns during different levels of the game depends also on how you have performed. If you have reached level 12 or 16, you should feel like a level 16 player. You put time and effort down into making it that far, of course your weapons are going to be slightly better.
    The weapons have also been balanced back and forth after a few patches and we feel they are pretty optimal as they are right now.

    Quote Q: Hello every one

    Let us know how many player we will see on line, thanks….
    A: PC 64, Console 24

    Quote Q: What did Erik Bach mean by sandbox games are boring? I'm assuming he means single player sandbox games and will keep the multiplayer unscripted but I'm not quite sure
    A: He means Sandbox games that are just sandbox without a real concept or purpose are boring. You can't just make a sandbox game and expect the players to come up with all creative solutions. Might work for some but doesn't work for others. The best thing is to balance a sandbox game in a way that everyone can enjoy it. Take a look at BF2 for instance or BF42.

    Quote Q: I was hoping you could answer the question more a little more deeply. The way they are answered now doesn't do much good. But maybe we have to wait until the podcast for that.

    All right, third question, I'll come back on my previous quesion.

    How do you manage testing a game for gameplay that requires this many players? You would need a team of at least 32 players to even test one map. I'm mainly asking this question because in BF2 the maps didn't seem playtested at all, to me it felt the flags were pretty much thrown in randomly.
    A: We have a lot of people playtesting maps, weapons and all other beautiful things in this game. I can't reveal our team-size and I'm not going to comment on work routines.

    Quote Q: zh1nt0 the respawn system is like bf2 where members of the squad can only be born with the leader or will is the same as BC2?
    A: Not commenting gameplay specifics right now

    Quote Q: We've seen a few animations in the Fault Line series, like Sgt Black hoping into the truck to man the machine gun and being thrown away when an RPG hit nearby. Will these animations also feature in Multiplayer??
    Thanks and keep up the good work
    A: I can't comment on multiplayer gameplay or features at the moment but what we are using that you have already seen in the fault line episodes is the new ANT system that offers are more physical gameplay.

    Quote Q: Forgive me for paraphrasing some existing questions…

    1. Given that DICE's patching program has never been better why has BF:BC2 PC been abandoned with so many bugs a year after release?

    2. Why, given that DICE now has one of the largest dev teams in the industry, did BF:BC2 PC Onslaught get cancelled?

    3. Why, given that DICE now has one of the largest dev teams in the industry, did BF:1943 PC get cancelled?

    4. Why have the EA Master servers & BF:BC2′s performance on them gradually deteriorated AGAIN even after a database rebuild? Is another fix on the way?

    5. Will resources ever be fed towards BF:BC2 PC in the form of another patch?

    6. Why are the official forums ( Battlefield Series - Electronic Arts UK Community ) seemingly being ignored? Please note – reading them is not the same as INTERACTING on them…

    7. Why no marketing for the multiplayer aspect of BF3? I assume you chaps DO realise that this is what your consumers are most interested in?
    A: I don't really see it as a load of bugs. We have successfuly patched the game and fixed the different issues that was present after release and during early fall. Of course there are still some issues there and we are doing are best to see how to solve it. As I've said before, right now our team is focused on bringing stability to the game with stats, connection, matchmaking etc..

    Onslaught and BF43 was cancelled because we wanted to have more people working on Battlefield 3. (For BF43 same as above)

    Our backend monitoring tools and database engineers see that we have maintained the same level of performance for some time now. I have looked at the tools and stats myself and confirm this.

    We're not revealing wether we are working on a patch or not at the moment. We are however as I said above putting resources into making sure that the game runs smoothly and stable for everyone on every platform.

    These kind of questions really piss me off. "Why do you choose to ignore them?" NO, we don't choose to ignore them. Every day we spend time looking through the forums, keeping a low-profile to not cause any speculations or rumors.

    Read above lines.

    Quote Q: I have a question that's clearly the most important one. In BC2 you clearly can not t-bag in the water will this be fixed in bf3?
    A: Stick around and find out

    Quote Q: Hello there zh1nt0,

    Again, as Dacia mentioned, I cannot stress enough the importance of a server browser for consoles.

    New question:

    The explosives in BC2 can blow open sections of the wall in 1 shot from any explosives, will this be the same in BF3, or will you make it so grenade launchers do less damage, or blow open less of a piece of a wall than a rocket, per say? What I mean is, will all explosives blow open sections of walls equally, or will they be realistically scaled up or down?

    also will any of these be possible?

    [BREACH] Destruction Toolbox

    A: BF3 will feature micro-destruction and destruction as you've seen in the fault line episodes. More to come!

    Quote Q: Will you optimize Battlefield 3 properly for PCs, unlike the system requirements hog that is Bad Company 2 ?
    A: Battlefield 3 is being built on PC

    Quote Q: Let me first just say zh1nt0 that its awesome that you're responding to community questions here and on a podcast, it shows commitment to the community and I think it's great!

    1.) I would like to add to the calls for the server browser on console. I will pay you money for a server browser. Not DICE. Not anyone else who works there. I will pay YOU. You cannot possibly fathom how much I and many other players NEED a server browser to et rid of the laggy games we all join, or the servers we do not want to be in. Please. We understand about the other differences between console and PC. But other games have managed console browsers, so it would be fantastic if ou could bring a really positive console announcement to the table and give us server browsers to bring us in line with PC on that front.

    Hope you can take it to DICE, even if you cant comment on it now, and thank you very much for reading, bro.

    And the people who are bashing BC2 servers – I don't think is the time nor the place. Nobody is perfect, but BC2 is still one of the best supported games out there. Chill out.
    A: Thank you very much! I appreciate you're taking your time to ask questions I've forwarded the server browser request and been in several meetings since last year.

    Quote Q: Hi Zh1nt0,

    Will there be many different weather effects on the BF3 maps? (As in the same map can have weather such as foggy, night, cloudy, etc. depending on server, or a Day-Night cycle)

    Just my thoughts on HIGHLY increasing the replay value of every map and giving it a different experience every time in terms of tactics.
    A: No comment since development process isn't at a final stage yet.

    Quote Q: Good evening sir. First of all thank you so much for everything you do for the community. We all know that some weapons are more heavier then others such as RPG's and AT4′s. Will there be a limit on how quick you can or cant move with certain weapons?
    A: It's just too early to say right now wether that feature will be present or not. Remember, the game is far from finished.

    Quote Q: I know this may be asking for too much, but how do you plan to keep the game as fun as BFBC2 was, and include the prone feature. As the BF community, most of us don't really feel the need for it in MP and feel like that it can turn the whole game into a somewhat of a repetitive MOH experience(no offense) when it came to maps like Helmand Valley. Snipers mile away were next to impossible to find that were miles away without a single way to get to them . If we tried to reach them, we would get mowed down by them, or a freakin' beast of a Bradley next door to our spawn.
    Another thing is a suggestion fo the MP loading screens. With all this fighting going on, how do we know about it first-hand? Reporters. I was thinking you could try to make the loading screens similar to Vietnam with reporters describing what is going on and sort of giving a sit-rep of the situation on the following battle.
    One last question and its the most important by far: WILL BATTLEFIELD 3 BE AWESOME?
    A: Don't worry about it. We have a history of making awesome multiplayer games. If we decide to include something we've given it a lot of thought and tried it out many many times.

    Battlefield 3 will be an FPS masterpiece!

    Quote Q: Do you think that BF3 will be well developed enough by E3 that we could see some big reveals by then?
    A: I do hope so

    Quote Q: I'm not sure if you're allowed to answer this but anyway here goes.

    In regards to sound for BF3 – is the quality even better than BFBC2? By that i mean, clear, accurate, more dynamic if you will. Or have any of the guns had their sounds changed from BFBC2?

    I appreciate your time
    A: Completely new since it's a brand new game

    Quote Q: will you reveal anything in this round of questioning / upcoming podcast that we don't already know or have determined on the forums and fansites? No offense, and I completely understand the terms of a NDA making it very difficult to give hungry fans the info they crave, but is there something (you don't have to say it) that you are going to reveal about gameplay or non-sp?
    A: you will have to tune in on Saturday to find out

    Quote Q: What is the story behind your name "zh1nt0″?
    A: Not really a fantastic story. I really like japanese mythology and japanese history so I got it from there. Unfortunately the name "shinto" was already taken so I haxxored it and made it zh1nt0.

    Quote Q: what i wanted to surgest, has basicly been said

    I would love for you guys to take a page out the Rainbow six vegas playbook.
    There was some good custumosation in rregards of weapons, armor and loadout,

    If you had full armor on, you where a slow mofo, stuff like that would for me be awesome, that sure, have those 1000 rounds on ya, but there is a tradeoff, armore/massiv loadout vs mobility.

    there was a server browser, with the opotunity to get in que to join, so you did not join and got a insta loss/win

    Lokking forward to the game, and hopefully a game with no killsttreaks
    A: Good thought. But then again, it wouldn't be BF3 we would be building.

    Quote Q: when will we find out the required PC specs?
    A: To give out PC specs, some parts of the development need to be set to final. I'm guessing we will give out the PC specs before the beta so stay with us for this one. Nothing has really been made public yet.

    Quote Q: Can I ask if there will be any deviation in BF3? In BF2 there were random deviation which many people (including me) disliked. Many people suggest center weighted deviation, but I think there shouldn't be any deviation at all as long as we have PROPER recoil.
    A: Good question to ask. If you haven't received a reply it's because it's still top secret..

    Quote Q: Q: Iīm wondering if the tech team is working on improving the netcode in BF3, is there anything you can tell us regarding the netcode used in Frostbite 2? Is it getting the attention it deserves?

    I donīt think DICE has officially announced any info about the netcode, other than an interview with Patrick Bach at GDC(I think) telling us that itīs something theyīre working on. Any kind of info would be greatly appreciated = )
    Thank you for taking your time!
    A: We actually sat down and had a look at what we wanted to build with Battlefield 3 which means we had to throw away the old engine and re-write it from scratch. The streaming technology, the rendering.. Well everything is brand new.

    Quote Q: will we ever see the inclusion of a true campaign coop in future Dice games
    A: We've announced co-op for BF3 as well as SP and MP. We haven't shown any Co-op or MP footage yet so I can't really comment on which way it's going to play.

    Quote Q: Any information on server count for consoles? (it would be nice to have 32)
    A: If you mean console player count? It's been set to 24 players because of hardware limitations.

    Quote Q: Can you tell us what recoil system Battlefield 3 will be using? I would LOVE to see authentic recoil.
    A: If you take a look at previous Battlefield games (BF2 for instance) the recoil system was more based on realism. Also in BC2 you had realistic recoil for the different weapons. Expect BF3 to pitch in with some cool stuff.

    Quote Q: are you guys going to be using more updated weapons instead of old ones? like the lav-25 for instance, is being replaced by another weapon. i also, remember seeing an video where you guys were using the pkm for sound testing, where the pkp should have been used instead. are the vehicles just placeholders? will there be an mixture of old and newer vehicles and weapons? thanks for your time.
    A: Tough question. I can't really answer that without giving away some parts that we're not ready to discuss .. Although, we've said there will be many different vehicles in the game.

    Quote Q: Two Questions:
    1) What are DICE's thoughts on Splitscreen for 360 and PS3?
    2) Is it possible that privite matches will require less than 8 players in lobby for the game to start?
    A: Can't comment on console footage at all. My personal thoughts though is that split screen would be cool.

    Can't comment on the lobby question either sadly enough =/. Mainly because we haven't shown anything and also because the game is far from finished and changes are being made to every aspect of the game from this day to the next. If I would answer your question, I would like everything to be final.

    Quote Q: In the creation process of Dice's upcoming release BF3, how much attention was paid to the vast number of issues, bugs, and glitches found in Bad Company 2?

    Although the game took off quickly and has proven to be successful over the year since its release, many of the game's glitches and problems that surfaced during the BETA stages were never fully addressed to the complete satisfaction of many dedicated gamers.

    Will BF3, which features a new and hopefully improved Frostbite engine, run with less unexcusable hitches and bugs? Issues with hit registration especially have plagued the game since the onset and yet to this day have not been fully fixed.
    A: As I said in the above text, everything is brand new and with that, comes new issues. Then again, we have learnt quite a lot from the BC2 days and the Vietnam days and we will also have a full beta-test with an unannounced date at this moment.

    Hit registration is a peculiar thing really. It's based on so many different factors that a straight answer would be difficult to give. You have a) Your connection to the gameserver, b) your connection to your ISP and c) Other players ping on the server. We're taking all of this into account and hopefully we will be able to deliver something really big this fall.

    Quote Q: Will BF3 have fully customizable controls for console? Homefront only had 2 atrocious setups. Is the November 2 date for real?
    A: Can't talk about consoles unfortunately.

    I just have to make one short comment on the topic of bugs and issues in games in general.

    When a product (a game) is being worked on, there are different parts of a development team that do different tasks. You have teams that work on the weapons, maps, gameplay aspects, UI and other things that make the game as a whole.

    Now, to try all of this out, every game company has something called a QA Team. This QA team ensures that the most crucial issues are being worked out in time before big release dates and so forth. All feedback that is given during beta-stages is also considered by these people.

    I've been getting the comment recently that "DICE used to care about their gamers in the old days of BF2″. From what I experienced as a pro player in BF42 who spent years playing both BF42 and BFV right before BF2, I have to say that although DICE cared about their games which we also do now, there were certain aspects of those games which people didn't really find perfect then either.

    When BF2 launched there was a lot of complaints on the hitreg, animations, glitches etc.. To my memory, the last patch for BF2 was even given out last year.

    To "care" about the game does mean that you need to maintain a high level of support for it, but, it also means that you need to stop yourself from making too many changes that will drastically change the experience for many thousands or even hundreds of thousands of players out there.

    Quote Q: PLEASE tell me you'll have support for unranked LAN servers. I love BF2 and really enjoy BC2 as well, but I feel like BC2 has really killed LAN parties, since it can be hard to find locations with enough bandwidth to support everyone at a LAN party playing BC2 at the same time on a remote server. I had planned a ~32 person LAN party for just a week or two after BC2′s release, but the plans were totally out the door when the lack of LAN dedicated server (or even listen server) was discovered. We had a lot of disappointed people and a number of people didn't even end up buying it at that point, and having lost that momentum, they've never gotten around to buying it, so we lost about half of our gaming crew that games together onilne once a week. Likewise, we've wanted to play BC2 at some of our larger ~120 person LANs, but again, bandwidth for low-ping/lag-free play is even harder to get as you scale up to these larger events. You can just forget about a bracket tournament where multiple groups are playing on multiple servers simultaneously. Please give us LAN server support again. What say ye?

    On another note, I'd also really like to see Mod support and an SDK to really help build the community of players around new maps/modes/conversions. Can you comment on Mod/SDK support?

    Finally, hoping for commanders (and their assets) again, as well as squad leaders. Yeah, you still have squads in BC2, but without leaders and the ability for a single leader to set a single way point that others are to follow, it often degrades to the chaos of everyone or no one being an "actual" leader. Plus, I miss the "sneak behind enemy lines to blow up their commander's assets" missions.

    I think BF3 has so much potential to really just nail it's genre. There have been so many "pretty good games" out there, that I think it's really fragmented the gamers of this genre, so I'd really love to see a game so good that everyone says "yeah, this IS the best…" and unites everyone around it for online gaming, LAN parties, etc. Here to holding on to that hope. Best of luck.
    A: The idea has been pitched and I really can't say more than that I do however agree that LAN Support is a great way to give the game large amounts of playability on different venues such as E-sports, LAN-parties or just to train with your team.

    Can't comment on Mod or SDK Support either. Ask me again further down the road and I will definitely have an answer for you.

    Quote Q: Okay. Since you can't tell us anything about gameplay, or game design philosophy, can you tell us about your QA team?

    Does DICE's QA team actually play the game when they test it, or do they just make sure it doesn't CTD and call it good? Many of the problems in BC2 (yes, the game that you guys just dropped support for) were reported on the forums within less than an hour of release. The invisible tracers, the blue tinted chat box, the persistent reload sign, flipped UAV and chopper controls…etc the list goes on.

    Can you tell us what DICE is planning on doing to avoid such fiascoes in the future?
    A: First things first. The QA Team is a very skilled and talented one over here at DICE. If they weren't they wouldn't be here. It's as simple as that.

    Making a game from scratch is not easy and there are bound to be issues with games and have always been since they came out. There has always been patches to fix issues that came up post-release or pre-release during beta access.

    I don't see BC2 as a fiasco at all. I see it as a very good game. So do industry professionals, critics, communities and we're very proud of that game as well. It has tought us a lot and we've also taken a big leep forward since 2010 when it was released. Looking at sales figures, players online, amount of awards and the amount of appreciation for this game. There are more sites covering Battlefield that were based around BC2 than ever which is a very healthy sign.

    Quote Q: I know it's more than likely, but if we were to see a new gaming console come out by 2012 would there be any way to up the player count on consoles?

    Also, can you not base Battlefield 3 Conquest on BC2, having just 3 or 4 flags makes the game more like Team Deathmatch, rather than Conquest. Giving players more points for taking flags instead of kills is also a better idea like you've done for 1943.
    A: It all pretty much depends on what consoles there are out there. In our statements in regard to console player count we have announced that itīs difficult to raise the bar because of hardware limitations. Itīs the same thing for PCīs. If you donīt have a good enough PC you wonīt be able to run 32+32 battles. I remember playing BF Vietnam on PC before I got my first rig. It was impossible for me to jump on a server larger than 24 people.

    Quote Q: what can you tell us about community-base contributions?

    how will the community interact in suggesting/developing new content, and how will DICE push that out to the player base?
    A: Itīs very important actually. Suggestions let us know that people are amped up for this game and with these many suggestions that we have itīs great! Itīs also a great way of letting us know what the hardcore community thinks and feels about things we say online. If there was no one to monitor forums/twitter and all that sorts of stuff, the request for new maps in BC2 probably wouldn't have been heard as loud. The feedback needs a line into the studio.

    Quote Q: i have a question about bc2, is there gonna be another patch to fix the knife or the hit detection? i dont know how it is on pc but on the console the knife is brokend.
    A: I canīt answer whether or not there will be more updates coming to BC2. What I can say is that we are monitoring online status and activities to ensure that your experience in the game runs smoothly.

    Community Manager Q&A Podcast

    Here's the Q&A that happened during the podcast:

    Quote Q: Talk about your gaming history and your job at DICE
    A: I think I'm insane doing this job. It's a lifestyle pretty much, you have to be available and the time to do it. I actually used to be doing this before I worked at DICE. If you don't have it as your lifestyle it becomes very difficult. I realized I wanted to work in the gaming industry after jumping into Bad Company 2 from Casual Gaming. The gaming industry is interesting, I was never interested in the industry, more the games themselves. It was never part of my initial interest in terms of networking or setting up contacts. I was more interested in setting up my own teams, being creative, etc and I'm doing that by being a community manager.

    Quote Q: What is the favourite part of your job?
    A: The working environment. It's great, it's creative, it's also important to have fun at work. We play sports games, hang out in the kitchen and have a tea. It's really important for your creativity to relax. This studio makes you feel very valuable, they make you feel like you are really apart of something important.

    Quote Q: It's seems like you really enjoy interacting with the community.
    A: It's amazing, a lot of people are saying we are doing the best community management. But there a lot of things I think we can improve on. There are always things we can make better, we are always competing with ourselves. Some people will say it drives you crazy but I think it pushes perfection.

    Quote Q: What would exemplify a good community manager?
    A: I think it's very important for the community to see the community manager as not the vice principal. Patrick Bach was saying in a recent interview that DICE has a very socialist way of making video games. I'd like to say that we also run the Community in a Socialist way.

    Quote Q: How often do you game with the community and how can people get involved?
    A: I try to go online as much as possible. It's very important to play with the community but sometimes there isn't much time in a day, week or month to do so.

    Quote Q: How seriously do you take user created videos on youtube?
    A: We look at all the social networking sites and we just don't comment due to time.

    Quote Q: What's the inspiration of the storyline of BF3?
    A: We wanted to make something after Battlefield 2 that was the true sequel to BF2. If you look at Bad Company 1 and 2 that was more of a tongue and cheek experience to the Battlefield series. We didn't have single player in older versions. We started implementing single player with a real movie experience. With Battlefield 3 it's going to take a much more serious approach then Bad Company. It is situated around a conflict in the Middle East, there will be levels like New York and Paris that won't be exclusive to the Middle East.

    Quote Q: What are the key improvements we can see in BF3?
    A: Some people say Battlefield aims to be very realistic, we've never claimed that title. We wanted to make a semi-realistic gameplay. Our top improvements are:

    Animation (ANT EA tech in FIFA) You can feel when you crouch, when you drop, when you get shot. Makes the player feel much more immersed in the gameplay then before.

    Scale is very important to us. Remember the big maps in BF2 which were a lot bigger than BF1942. Not all areas in BF2 and BF42 were combat zones but added to the map. In Bad Company 2, it's still a sandbox but lacks those extra areas like previous Battlefield titles. We are going back to the big scale levels for BF3.

    Destruction: Another key point, I don't think I need to say much about it as everyone has already seen it. The destruction in BC1/2 kind of changed how you played the game. We are taking that a step further in BF3. It's going to be more tactical then it was in BC2.

    Sound is very important for us and I would dare to say that our sound team is the best out there. Battlefield 3 is aiming to be much more realistic to Bad Company 2. The voice overs will be more gritty and if you don't like cuss words, don't use your headphones, turn your sound down!

    Quote Q: So we've heard a little bit about the differences between PC and Consoles, what can we
    A: Nothing that I can actually say in relation to PC and Consoles. I really feel for the people who want more then 24 players on consoles. But what we are creating in BF3, will be enough for 24 players.

    Quote Q: When are you planning to put up multiplayer footage?
    A: We don't want to give out footage that will change in the next few months. We don't want to be in the position to cut things. When we do release multiplayer footage we want to stick with that. With the current stage of BF3 that's not possible. So we are going to wait until we are really sure that will stick in the game to release any multiplayer footage.

    Quote Q: It's still pre-alpha correct?
    A: Yep, it's still in pre-alpha.

    Quote Q: What are you plans for the BF Community from here until launch and beyond?
    A: The main answer is to support the community but then again what's supporting the community? The Community will grow to a certain extent by themselves but we have to help them grow too. In terms of what we will do, we will keep this high level of communication, pumping a lot of information into social networking sites and forums. It's very important for us to know what people think. We've got an exclusive BASHandSLASH podcast series. We've got community challenges going up, there were so many funny posts from our recent Community Challenge.

    A new Community challenge is actually on it's way. Remake the BF2/ BF1942 theme song with any instrument you like. If you have a bagpipe record it.

    Quote Q: Where else are we going to hear about BF3?
    A: We've announced E3, which is going to be great. I've never been to E3 and I'd like to go. Except the only problem is I don't like flying!

    Quote Q: Are they any updates to the BF3 beta
    A: We haven't really announced any details on the beta. I can't really say much about it as I don't have enough information to make a statement.

    Quote Q: What is the confirmed release date?
    A: The EA CEO stated that BF3 will be released november. We aren't really sure when in November, could be December, could be October. But it will be around that time frame

    Quote Q: What kind of e-sports support will you include?
    A: We didn't implement things like Battle Recorder in to Bad Company 2 because it wasn't polished. We aren't confirming battle recorder. We have to work more on the features of the game. But that does not mean that are not going to support competitive play features in BF3.

    Quote Q: What are the ways people can provide feedback to you? What's the best way to stay in touch with you or with DICE.
    A: We are always open to feedback. As I said before we are constantly reading websites and forums to get information from the users. Just shoot us a message on twitter, even if it's not a game related question

    Quote Q: Is there anything else you've got planned for the community?
    A: My advice for anyone running major or small community sites. Stay in touch with each other. Share images. Stick together and let's make it perfect. Also I've been getting a lot of questions about why DICE didn't do anything for competitive play in BFBC2. Most people have said there hasn't been much of a scene for competitive play. That's not exactly true. There was great support but the features were missing.

    Quote Q: What happened to BF1943 to PC?
    A: We decided to drop it for PC to focus on Battlefield 3, since it is mainly developed on the PC platform.

    Quote Q: Will the Bad Company Series be ditched?
    A: I can't really say as that's very far in the future.

    Quote Q: Will BF2143 happen?
    A: I hope so
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    Nice read even though most of it wasn't answered due to the fact they aren't disclosing most information as of yet lol
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    Took ages to gather the information
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    Seems the console community wants all the features of pc games. Along with some atrocious ideas for the game lol.

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    Moved the podcast interview to main post
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    Thanks a lot.
    Bf 2143 yay! Bf 2142 was awesome and I hope they'll even improve it.

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    Wow I can't believe you took all the time to transcribe that!

    Would you mind linking to the podcast audio or create a link to the DRMB site? Thanks.

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    Hope bf3 wont lag as bad for me in Namibia.Where could we hire servers here in Nambia?????????

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    Cool - High expectations!

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    Thumbs up! I listened to the podcast, awesome you managed to type it out. It was a great interview.

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