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Battlefield 3: Squad & Team Communication

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    Battlefield 3: Squad & Team Communication

    One of my biggest issues I had with Battlefield Bad Company 1 and 2 was the lack in communication with all the members of your team members. I mean you can only speak with your own squad members and not the whole team. What I think Battlefield 3 needs is a button to be pressed so a squad member or squad leader can talk to the rest of the team. This will allow for greater teamwork, you share vehicles with other team member but if you have a a driver or gunner that is not on your squad you can't talk to them

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    Yes it was quite disappointing, it would be nice to have a dynamic system where like you mentioned if you enter a vehicle with members of another squad you share each others communication for that duration. Therefore enabling you to communicate outside of your squad when required. For a game which emphasises team work it's just not good enough. I'm hoping that Battlefield 3 will have proximity chat, so that squad members will hear talk as normal then members from other squads will hear when they are in proximity. This would solve any issues of cross squad chat when using vehicles together or fighting together.

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    a jeep for example .. would fit 5 people?

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