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Satisfaction Thread

No Mini Map.
Weapon Damage Change
Explosion Splash Damage Change
Explosive Damage Change
Increased Fall Damage
FIXED the hit registration issue and rubber band bullets behind walls.
The only way to see your map is my pressing ESC make sure to see where friendlies are located and careful someone can creep up during this time.

Tactics & Changes
Tactics are key to this game mode.
Mortars: require a spotter to know where the shots are landing, no mini map for Mortars it is disabled.

Spawn times increased to 45 seconds + 12 seconds down time. So make sure to have a medic. Going lone wolf will keep you dead for long periods of time. This is so infantry can focus on objective instead of kills and random run and gun. This is also a way to cause stress to a player making it difficult to make decisions without thinking of repercussion.

Example 2 squads attacking one flag, that will make a intense long firefight were wants to die cause if you do, you will lose the flag.

Soldier downtime is increased so medics have a bigger window of opportunity to revive.
Vehicle spawn time has been heavily increased. Vehicles are rare on the Battlefield and are essential, they can turn the tide of the battle with proper use.

Vehicles & Changes
All Vehicles are extremely effective against infantry. Teamwork is required to take the enemy teams Ground & Air assets out.

Transport Vehicles Buffed against Infantry: Transport vehicles .50 is now effective Vs infantry and provides good covering fire.

Light Armored Vehicles Buffed against Infantry: .50 is more effective & provides great reconnaissance.

Armored Personal Carrier Buffed against Infantry: Main gun buffed and increased blast radius against infantry. Light and Heavy Coaxial Damage increased.

Tanks Buffed against Infantry: Blast radius for main gun greatly increased against Infantry. Light and Heavy Coaxial Damage increased.

Helicopters Buffed against Infantry: Gunner blast radius greatly increased. FFA damage and blast radius greatly increase. Helicopters are now able to hover high above the sky and provide infantry with great covering fire and support without exposing themselves to ground targets.

Transport Helicopters: M134 Minigun greatly buffed against infantry. Transport Helicopter provides great transportation and extraction.

Anti Air Buffed against Infantry: Heavily buffed against infantry and transport vehicles.

C4 is extremely deadly vs infantry:
(Great in ambush situations and vehicles thanks to No Mini Map)
M18 Claymore Buffed vs infantry
(It's much more powerful and can take out multiple targets. No more running across and surviving a claymore explosion anymore)
M67 Grenade Buffed vs infantry:
(it can easily take out multiple targets now with a bigger kill radius. 4:23 is my favorite part in the first community video Check above)
Mortars Buffed vs infantry:
It's extremely effective artillery now due to splash damage increase. (Requires a spotter see above)
RPG/SMAW Buffed vs Infantry and light vehicle:
(It can easily take out infantry, It also has the probability of killing the Passengers inside Light armored Vehicle and transport vehicle depending on the angle and place that it hits) spam doesn't occur it server this has been verified already.
M302 Buffed vs infantry and light vehicles:
(Extremely effective vs infantry and can also kill pasengers in a light armored vehicle if hit in the window or side door were they sit.)

Assault Rifles.
2 hits anywhere in the body is a kill (Down from 4 in Regular HC)
2 hits anywhere in the body over 100m is a kill.(Down from 4 in Regular HC)
1 hit to the head is always a kill. (Down from 2 in Regular HC)
Buckshot deadly at a further distance now. Damage varies at range.
Slug is a 1 hit kill. (semi-auto and pump)
Pistols (haven't fully tested all of them out)
3 hits anywhere in the body is a kill (Down from 4 in Regular HC)
1 hit in the head is always a kill
Bigger caliber pistols
.44, and Rex
1 shot kill anywhere in the body (Down from 2 in Regular HC)
2 shot killed required over a distance of 100m
2 hits anywhere in body is a kill (Down from 4-5 in Regular HC)
3 hits anywhere in body over 100m is a kill (Down from 5+ Regular HC)
1 hit to the head is always a kill. (Down from 2 in Regular HC)
Bolt Action snipers
1 shot kill anywhere in the body. (Down from 2 in Regular HC)
Semi-Auto snipers
2 hits anywhere in the body is a kill over over 100m (Same number of bullets as HC but leaves hp at 10%)
1 hit anywhere in the body is a kill under 100m
2 hits anywhere in the body under 100m is a kill
3 hits anywhere above 100m is a kill
1 hit to the head is always a kill
It kills with 1 slash

Community Video on GAMEPLAY
[youtube.com] 4:23 is my favorite part. Unexpected deadly grenade.