This platoon is very strict. you MUST have a kill death ratio above 1.5, and a score per min above 220. we use each kit but we have a cycle that you will be given upon approval. you will be tested in combat with HondaMX360, then you'll be judged on things that are classified. you will be notified withen one hour after being tested. and if you dont make a good run in the testing matches... youl be given only one more chance. you must have the ability to fly jets and helicopters. and be ability to land and give extractions to the other members. ranking doesnt mater but it would be best if you've finished all the kits... but thats not a requirement. To be in this platoon is a very high honor and you'd be one of the few that meet the requirements. search for HondaMX360 or Honda's Elite platoon on battle-log and leave a post on the wall. Thank you from the best of HEP.