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Defibrillator Tips?

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    Defibrillator Tips?

    Does anyone have any tips for using the defibrillator? Namely, where to aim it for an efficient revive?

    It seems to be very fickle. For example, in Battlefield 2 I could pretty much just get a guy's upper chest area, and he was good to go. But in Battlefield 3, there seems to be one tiny, and elusive, "sweet-spot". As a result, I've had many guys expire right under my paddles, and I've died a number of times myself when I'm out there for too long waiting for the defib. to finally register.

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    I just played a couple rounds on Wake Island, and had better success with the defib. It would appear that the hot-spot is actually around the overall center of the 3D model; More around the abdomen or waist area, rather than the chest.

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    hmm, I've never really had a problem with them. Every now and then I would miss but it is rare enough so that I didn't really notice. I have 243 revives currently.

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    I am having problems with it. Half of my revives work. I'm preety sure you don't need to get down and actually touch the guy, but... I guess you need to use the defib where the guy died, not where you see his ragdoll. I revived a few feet around a guy and actually revived him, when had no succes reviving him where I saw him. So if a guy fly away with an explosion, i don't even bother.

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