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"The connection to EA Online has been lost" (PS3, UK)

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    "The connection to EA Online has been lost" (PS3, UK)

    Hi one and all

    I had been experience rather stable BF3 performance/connections/games since launch on my PS3, but since Karkand was released I have been experience a distinct increase in disconnects from games. For the last seven days I have been lucky if I can go two whole rounds before mid game, at a completely random point, in a fraction of a second the HUD goes, everything goes black, "loading" appears in the corner and I arrive at the main menu to a box message of "The connection to EA Online has been lost".

    Have any other UK PS3 players and / or subscribers to Virgin Broadband (ugh, I know, but I cannot change ISPs at this time) been travelling along similar lines this past week?

    Any discussion is good discussion on this topic


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    Don't feel too bad, because I had the same problem yesterday, and I'm on PC living in the U.S.

    One of my attempts did almost just like what you described - all of a sudden my screen froze, the terrain disappeared, with a very faint "saving" in the top corner, and then it crashed with the same EA online connection message. I had a few other crashes/disconnects, before eventually something glitched out causing me to lose all mouse control with my trigger stuck firing.

    I can only assume they're going through another wave of post-launch turbulence as they set everything up, and deal with problems.

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