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A Question of Campers: Douche Move or Legit Strategy??

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    A Question of Campers: Douche Move or Legit Strategy??

    That's right ladies and gentlemen! The age old question of campers(excluding snipers)!
    Those bastards! Douchebags! Damn pussies! Asswipes! Kill Whores! *Enter favorite swearing combination here*
    Those brilliant strategists! Those people who can change the outcome of a battle!
    Like the majority of people, I really don't like campers. It's as if they have no imagination, no strategy. No balls to get off their asses and fight Mano-a-Mano. OK OK OK! Fine, fine. I was/am/will be a hypocrite, but let me point out than when I do camp I don't bring marshmallows, a guitar, light a fire and sing Kumbaya.
    I believe that campers actually Detract from the experience of the game.
    Battlefield isn't a "Hunt down those camping bastards" game. It's a head on, face to face, "Fuck Ya!" game. I mean, what fun is it if half the enemy team is camping?! That's no fun! And that's certainly not the battlefield experience I have come to know and love.

    Anyways, that's where I stand.
    So what do you guys think about campers? I'd like to hear.

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    Everything you can think of to do is a legit strategy.. be creative! Camping has its benefits and disadvantages. Campers are primo targets for recons with IR scopes. I say a smart camper kills, then moves.

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    If done properly it is a game changer. Its not called camping its called over watch. Once youre spotted you should change position.

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    I think people are too quick to use the term "camper" these days. Good example, I was watching someone play team deathmatch on YouTube a couple days ago. Just after starting, he was killed by a guy on the railroad tracks on Canals. His immediate response when seeing the killcam was "aw, f'king camper!" He saw mere seconds of the guy's positioning, and somehow determined that he was camping

    With that being said, I think there's pussy camping, and legitimate camping, and it's your intent that separates the two. One major form of legitimate "camping" is defending an objective. Defending something involves hanging back and stopping the attack. Whether you're playing hockey, playing football/soccer, fighting a war, whatever... all of them utilize a defense who's job it is to hang back, and defend against attacks. Going forward would only compromise their team's defense, and probably lead to a goal or lost objective. In Battlefield, this definitely applies to defending MCOMs, as well as occasionally defending flags when necessary. You may also have a situation where you know someone is coming a certain way, like through a doorway or down a hallway or something. Stop and ambush them! If you know someone is coming, there's nothing wrong with taking the kill. But as soon as you get it, go back to what you were doing.

    Now, what I think is pussy camping. Sorry to have to go here, but this is what I constantly see in Call of Duty gameplay videos. This is where you sit in a prime corner of a room, thrown down a claymore, and then just wait. Wait, wait, and wait some more for someone to eventually stumble into your sights. You grab the easy kill, and then wait, wait, and wait again for another guy to walk through that doorway. Even in a deathmatch where kill/death is king, this is a pussy strategy - get up, run around, and fight for your kills.

    So to recap, I think if you're actively defending something, you're Ok. If you're laying in cover somewhere and simply waiting for kills, you're a pussy camper.

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    Well defined buddy. 1st thing I do after respawn is kill that camper as he never moves and is an easy kill lol

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    I totally agree with you man! sitting in a corner and waiting for 10mins and some one eventually come's by is pussy camping but on the other hand camp kill move camp kill move is camping but it has a stratagy, soo does staying in a vantage point defending a M-COM or FLAG on Rush or Conquest isn't even camping its stetigicly defending a position!

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    I'm glad though that there isn't that much camping in Battlefield. Actually one of the reasons I dropped COD. I'll admit though that I do tend to jump the gun and call people out for camping when I see them crouching or lying still on the kill cam. Good point about defense bstinson. I can see why that's an essential strategy for Attack/Defend type games. But how about Team/Squad DM? I can't possibly see a reason to camp, unless you like to piss people off. It also seems like a useless strategy. DM is fast paced and people are moving constantly, so camping would seem like a waste of time.

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    i only "camp" when i'm playing conquest and theres heavy battle between each team to capture the flag. if you stand out in the open your "doomed". its just so you can gain some points and move on to the next flag with out being killed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr_llama View Post
    But how about Team/Squad DM? I can't possibly see a reason to camp, unless you like to piss people off. It also seems like a useless strategy. DM is fast paced and people are moving constantly, so camping would seem like a waste of time.
    When it comes to a deathmatch, I think the biggest attraction to camping is the ease of it. Just plop yourself down in a corner somewhere, and wait for people to run by. Or better yet, find a second floor of a building: hardly anyone will be able to get you while you grind the meat as it bottlenecks up the stairs. All you need in a deathmatch is kills, so just fart around somewhere and rack them up. You're definitely right - there's no reason at all to camp in a deathmatch; It's pretty much all bad camping and/or being a wimp.

    In fact, here's a classic example. I enjoy watching this guy's videos, but this one had me absolutely bored to tears.

    Which is why I find it hilarious when morons like the following cry about how boring Battlefield is. Apparently, sitting in a corner somewhere is fun for them.

    WARNING: The above video contains obscene amounts of intellect, reasoning, and impartiality. Viewer discretion is advised.
    Last edited by bstinson; 11-26-2011 at 01:33 AM.

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    Personally in my own opinion the fact that people that Camps is actually a legit strategy at times, because why would you run out in a real world situation and get yourself killed, camping and moving around is best strategy and legit, now sitting on one location CONSTANTLY staying there without moving is retarded and they will get themselves killed sooner or later due to Kill Cam which is annoying as hell.

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