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Battlefield 3: How to snipe like a boss (all snipers but mostly the SV98)

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    Battlefield 3: How to snipe like a boss (all snipers but mostly the SV98)

    Want to learn how to snipe like a boss? If not you need to learn how to read titles better, but hey, letís get on with it!

    First off, I want you to know I do indeed have sniping skills on BF3 so you can at least know this isnít a load from some newb. Second, you need to be comfortable with sitting back and being able to stand/crouch or lay still for most parts of the game you're in. so for TDM this is a little bit harder with the small maps.

    In my opinion, I donít like using the SVD so if you want to start earning exp up to the SV98 you should do it on the American team with the Mod 50 or just use a shotgun. When you get the SV98 you should continue on, either that or just ignore the facts on scoping in and out ect.

    Scoping in, not to hard itís kind of self-explanatory, but for the scope out, every time you take a shot with the SV98 you need to cock the gun again, and without the straight pull bolt, this needs to be done out of scope either by letting go of the zoom in button, or automatically by pressing the fire button again. (Personally Iíd go with the scoping out, itís helpful just in case you get an awesome line up with some dudes head and you have to miss the shot just to re-cock the gun.)

    After getting the hang of the scoping which is pretty basic, you need to learn how to judge distance, you got to learn this because the bullets in the game start to arc downwards the farther away and if you want to get some wicked headshots for the instant KO, you should learn as fast and efficiently as possible.

    And hey! Donít forget to hold your breath with the LS! You donít want your crosshairs going all over the place! But donít worry, after some time you will unlock the Bipod which eliminates all movement of the crosshairs (until you fire). All you have to do is go to a flat surface that is close to the level of your gun, or go into prone, and use the aim in button, and it will place your gun. But be careful, if you touch the LS to move or hold your breath it takes you off the Bipod.

    On the start-up of sniping you will of course need to take some practice shots on those targets so donít expect to get any 'BOOM HEADSHOT!'s right off the bat, this is where using the beginning sniper rifles can actually come in handy (mostly because the damage is so garb garb it needs a headshot to kill them :P) so using them in the beginning can help judge the distance better when moving on to my beloved SV98.

    But wait! You might be asking "How am I supposed to take their heads if I can't even find them?! I can't see anyone from where I am!" then all I got to say is Move! There are tons of great sniping spots in all the maps Iíve played on, and even more pooper ones too. You have to try and find your own sniping spots that work well, or even using old ones you've seen when that foolish man took your own head off your shoulders! (No doubt after reading my amazing guide! ha-ha) So with that said, I can't tell you where any sniping spots are, but maybe some youtube videos can so try and find a few and post them as comments! (If allowed by the terms and regulations of course) and remember, higher ground is way more effective, but be careful, it also alters the arc of the bullet. (Same with down low)

    So there you go, you got a sick SV98, you can judge distance to account for the arc, and you've got a kick-butt sniper spot that even has cover if you're getting shot at! But you're still having some trouble with the whole "Getting their heads off their shoulders" But no problem, I got a hint that helps with both the head-shots, and judging the arc. All you got to do is click the Back button (Select button for PS3, and Iím pretty sure you can make it what you want for PC players)

    When you mark the targets the little orange dot comes up above, yeah you guessed it, their heads! And itís always the same distance above the pot of bullet riddled gold so it can be used at any distance to judge where their soon to be (very) destroyed faces are! It may not be as effective as in Bad Company 2, but itís still definitely worth the button, so letís all show some button love!

    Now that you've got all that, you have to learn about those darn enemy snipers, but this guide is as much as taking their head gold, as it is about protecting yours!

    When your little friend across the map is taking pot shots, just strafe side to side to see where the bullets are coming from (but be careful they may still get you so even if you die, find out where they are from the pleasant view the game shows of your evil killer and find out where he is!) I myself am rather stubborn so I go back to the same sniping position, but itís actually better to go to a new one for now, at least until you can take the guys face with you to your hideout.

    So if you didn't die in that whole fiasco, letís assume he is shooting at you, some newbies will keep shooting because they're trying to get you, even if you're behind a steel wall or very Very sturdy BF3 tree so all you have to do is wait for the ammo to run out. And as soon as that happens, pop out, take aim and POW! Right in the kisser! Sadly, just as everything, sniper battles take practice so donít be discouraged if you get beaten the first few times, you'll get better at quickly marking the target, judging the distance and arc, and then getting in that final shot.

    Now letís talk about laser sights, tack lights and suppressors... The dreaded trio (personally) of the sniping world. All of the attachments either just let you get seen, or make it so you do less damage and have less range when sniping. So if you want to have either the tack light or the laser sight, you'd better watch out to turn it off when in your sniping spot, unless its and emergency. Because hey, letís face it, if an enemy sniper sees a little red laser coming out of a window or a bush, he's most likely going to assume it isnít the tooth fairy. (unless he thinks the tooth fairy is an enemy soldier of course) and as for suppressors, they lower your range and damage so you can't snipe from as far, and if you miss the headshot (which will be a possibility for even pro snipers) you at least can get some good damage for the second shot, or a kill if his health was lowered earlier.

    That is all the tips I have for how to snipe, you've learned to judge the distance and the arc of the bullet, to mark your targets (for both you and your team's benefit) to make sure you unscope for the SV98 to re-cock, you've learned that holding your breath is how you stop the crosshairs from moving (or using the Bipod), learned how to act in sniper battles, and learned how to tell when itís a good sniper position.

    Well now I guess that's all I have to teach you guys *sniffle* ya'll grew up so fast! Now get on out there and snip some heads!...Iíll be waiting for you, padawan....

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    very helpful, thanks for posting this info.

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    Thanks that'll help a lot

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    thx, another nice tip is: try to use the sv98 with a Kobra you can use it on short distance.... a winner

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    Iīd say that you should not really īset up to a spotī. You will become a much better recon, if you actually MOVE on the field. You need to be flexible and smart. After a lot of hours of playing as a recon, you will know the enemy movement, the map, and what you should expect from the location that you are in. My advice is to get comfortable with a sidearm to the point, where you can use it effectively against the main weapons. In my case it is the M1911 Suppressed, which is great, cause it drops the enemy in just 3 shots and it also hides you from the minimap. If you get too close to the enemy line, never use a weapon without a suppressor. Also pick a loadout, that fits your style well. Mine is: JNG-90; M1911 Supp.; MAV/SOFLAM; Radio Beacon; SQD CVR.
    It works well in all ranges and if you get comfortable with the M1911, you can take out multiple enemies in just a second.

    P.S.: Do not forget to try putting the suppressor on your sniper rifle. If you are on a map, where you need to be active it comes really handy to stay off the minimap!

    Good luck soldier!

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