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Battlefield 3 Server Patch Incoming!

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    Battlefield 3 Server Patch Incoming!

    Quote Be Advised: We will be starting server maintenance and improvements for PC, 360 & PS3 in 30 minutes.
    Outages will last 1 hour. Over.
    Looks like DICE are rolling out a new server update. Below is a list of the changes to be implemented:
    • Fix for crashes usually occurring during level switches. Server providers may see a little bit of memory leakage instead in this situation.
    • Game servers should no longer quit in some situations where the online backend servers are down. Server will reconnect to the backend once it's up again.
    • Fix for ghost servers which didn't accept connections.
    • Kick reasons should better match situations where they are issued. This will help battlelog provide more accurate information to the player.
    • Connection fixes to avoid players sometimes being rejected while joining the game server on one of the last slots.
    • Security updates. Improved server logging.
    No mention of the rubber band issue but hopefully this will get fixed soon.

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    Good. See kids, you just have to wait for a few days and the fixing begins. I'd really like to see people who constantly bitch working at DICE now. Having to rip apart the whole MP, find few codes among billions and change them to optimize it better.

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    Its not bitching when the same issues with the beta are still present in the final release. That was the purpose of the beta, to get feedback so that issues could be worked out before release. FIX...THE...MIC ISSUE!!!!!! Its the most important part of the game. No communication means death in a team playing game. If someone gets dropped, they can re-join. PLEASE, fix the mics.

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    They are working on it.

    But there were so many people play in the first week that it just was destined to cause trouble.

    Give them time to fix it and the game will own

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    I am giving them time. I have been playing everyday since release, but the mic issues are so bad that I am tempted to play BFBC2 again, so are a lot of my friends. Hopefully it will not be long, this is crazy!

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    i don't think it will be long and yeah it's annoying but im keep playing because it is an awesome game

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    I got fed up with BF3 crashing so tried to play BF2 but it kept dropping out so gave up could not join any games

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    Hope the fixes come thick and fast would hate to see the game fail...It will be awesome and a real challenge to COD if only the niggles could be fixed

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    In all fairness I don't see to much wrong with it apart from the party system.

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