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Battlefield 3 DirectX device creating error

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    Battlefield 3 DirectX device creating error

    Hey there!

    I just bought BF3, but it seems, that my computer has problems starting the game.
    I'm not very computersmart - Really no clue what to do here.

    Added a picture of my settings and the error. Hope you can tell me more!

    - Sorry for that it is partly german. But that's the language my pc is running. You should understand what you need to though.

    Thank you pretty much :3
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    Hope you can see it properly!

    Edith: ok, you can't see it properly. Going to type it down.

    The error:

    DirextX device creation error

    Failed creating D3D device of at least version 10.0 on adapter "Intel(R) HD Graphics" with driver "Unknown". Error is DXGI:ERROR_UNSUPPORTED ("Unsupported.")

    This is typically caused by not having the minimum required DirectX support in the GPU. For NVIDIA GPUs, Direct X10.0 support is required. For AMD and GPUs from other vendors, DirectX 10.1 support is required.

    The settings

    System: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit-Version (6.1, Build 7600)
    Model: Inspiron 580
    BIOS: Default System BIOS
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU ~3.2GHz
    Savingthingy: 6144MB RAM
    How much of it is used: 3040MB of 8843MB
    DirectXVersion: DirectX 11
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    i have exactly the same problem and same message alert, any help? please!!

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    i hav the same problem

    if you hav solved the problem could you help plz im really stuck

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    Hey, saw your post, im bored at work and found this on google BF3 and Direct X error - Page 2 or DirectX error (BF3) - Steam Users' Forums Last one is something to do with the game being played in the wrong resolution.

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    Just found another with a whole load of error fixes: Battlefield 3 Game Fixes (Crashing, Lagging, Launch Failure, etc) | Geek Montage Hope this helps, by the way im not a PC user.

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    Let me know if this works, if not i can have another search.

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    okay anyway
    look man
    i think the directx error can be fixed
    all u gotta do is
    Battlefield 3 Internal DirectX error
    Step 1. Goto your battlefield 3 folder/directx/redist. Remove all .cab files (Put them in another folder or delete them) while leaving the .dll and .exe files
    Step 2. Copy your directx folder and place it in the __Installer folder.
    Step 3. Install through Origin
    This is a problem with Origin. Many different Origin games can also be fixed using this guide
    if u Can't find the directx folder in the folder 'Battlefield 3' but it is there in the '__Installer' folder..
    just do the same instruction, delete the cab files and try reinstalling the game. same situation as mine and it workz

    Hope it workz....Chao A*******!!! :PP (kiddin no hard feelings plz)

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    Maybe these few steps can help you:
    Go to control panel
    check the version of NVidia display driver. If its old, then the DirectX is old too (Directx 9 or older) because the display driver is related to directx as u know.

    how to fix the problems:
    Go to World's Fastest Graphics Cards, GPUs, and Video Cards | GeForce then go to drivers.
    Click on scan system to detect ur nvidia version.
    then click download the update driver and install it.
    now ur problem is fixed.

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