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Battlefield 3 Co-Op Unlocks Exclusive Multiplayer Weapons

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    Battlefield 3 Co-Op Unlocks Exclusive Multiplayer Weapons

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    Fredrik Thylander, Senior Designer at DICE has revealed that there will be exclusive multiplayer weapons available only by completing the Co-Op mode first. He revealed on twitter:

    Quote There’s about 6 or so guns for various classes (or all) to be gotten for MP from playing coop. Like the M39 EBR
    The EBR is a modified and accurized version of the M14 rifle built and utilized solely by the United States Marine Corps (USMC). It is based on the current United States Marine Corps Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR). When asked if the guns would be available via alternative methods he replied:

    Quote No, but they’ve been carefully selected to make sure there are other, similar, pieces of equipment available through pure MP.
    Personally I 100% support unlocks through game progression. Rewarding players that take the time to progress through game modes is much better than forcing weapon purchases through DLC.

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    I like this very much.

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    I like the sound of that!

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    I would support more weapons from DLC if they were not instantly unlocked... only unlocking at certain levels... I do not support a level 1 buying a DLC pack where they unlock everything...
    I also am in favor of skill balancing teams. Halo 3 did good with that back in the day (september of 2007).

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    That is a great idea!

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    I really do like this idea. I wish all games do more of the same. I would also love weapon packs instead of map packs or both. Bringing other games into the game just makes things more interesting.

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    I really like the Battlefield 3 Co-Op cant wait to play it

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    personally i agree 100% wit game progression rewards as well, ALTHO its only fair to say that not every one can be 1st nor can even some people complete such feats for what ever reason.... THEREFORE i think its only fair they should have an alternative for collecting if nothing else... but thats just me

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    Really good idea

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    Nice to have another reason to play it. Not that I needed one...

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