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co-op mode?

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    co-op mode?


    Just wondering if the devs have announced any details about the multi-player modes yet, in particular co-op?.


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    If Battlefield 3 is anything like Battlefield 2, I'm assuming coop mode simply implies a multiplayer match, but with humans opposing bots.

    There are two reasons why I assume this.
    a. Most modifications for Battlefield 2 categorize human vs bot matches as coop.
    b. From what I've seen so far in the Fault Line Series episodes, the linear looking single player doesn't look like it would work with two people.
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    I don't think Bots will be in. We nog have a singleplayer campaign and I don't think the dev's will want to go to the trouble of creating of adding bots. Anyhow It really is a shame, since I've had a lot of fun in my time with Co op. 2 vs 45 with a zombie like stupidity level was always fun

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    Loved playing vs bots in bf2. Shame it properly wont be in bf3

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    Co-op suggests p2p, so im wandering if they will release server files this time. As there will surely need to be server files included in the game some how to allow CO-OP?

    Or they could do it like Left 4 dead and have dedicated servers for it ? that would seem like a waste of resources though IMO.

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    I've never liked co-op outisde of playing the single player campaign with a friend. All these arenas with waves of baddies and the likes in games don't interest me at all.

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    Bring on the co-op! Always great with a quick Lan hook up.

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