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Battlefield 3 Alpha: Leaked Details

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    Battlefield 3 Alpha: Leaked Details

    The following information was extracted from the Battlefield 3 Alpha files. The information was contained in the files first installed during the initial download, these files were possibly overwritten once the game was run. The details discovered cover the specific number of singleplayer and mulitplayer maps available including unfinalised gamemodes. The specific build details including the internal build names, weapons, kit items, specializations, weapon accessories and vehicle accessories. Battlefield 3 is currently in Alpha status, the data files represent the Alpha version of the game and do not represent the retail version. The lists replicated here are likely subject to change and do not represent the full version of Battlefield 3.

    Battlefield 3 Alpha: Build Information

    The Battlefield 3 alpha available to play is known as Venice and is refered to multiple times inside the data files. The data suggests that the build is possibly in the advance stages of Alpha; it even has the codename Venice stated as the beta version. The external stats system Battlelog is known as Blaze, interestingly the data suggests that Battlefield 3 has been in tested as far back as 2009. A commented out section reads "Server.BlazeServiceName bf3-beta-2009-pc". Of all the config settings within the Battlefield 3 Alpha, the most interesting is the suggestion that "On damage spotting" will either be an option or has been tested internally.

    Battlefield 3 Alpha: singleplayer Maps

    One of the data files contains entries that list the singleplayer maps. Currently there are 9 singleplayer maps in the list, 4 of which are split between two seperate files suggesting they are multi part levels bringing the total to 13. The maps have no specific names but later on we discover that a multiplayer map named Rome appears. We believe that Rome will likely make an appearance during singleplayer. The list of Battlefield 3 singleplayer maps are as follows:
    • SP_01
    • SP_02
    • SP_03
    • SP_003_B
    • SP_04
    • SP_004_B
    • SP_005
    • SP_005_B
    • SP_006
    • SP_007
    • SP_008
    • SP_008_B
    • SP_009
    Battlefield 3 Alpha: Multiplayer Maps

    Much like the singleplayer maps the multiplayer maps have no naming convention apart from one map entitled "Testrange_Rome_MP05". The map is listed as a teams map with Squad Rush as the only current listed mode. MP_Subway the current Battlefield 3 Alpha map is listed as "Team Deathmatch", "Teams Small", "Teams Large", "Conquest Small", Conquest Large", "Rush", "Squad Rush" & "Squad Deathmatch". Config files suggest small is currently 16 whilst large is 64, obviously this seems a bit extreme with no in between size so take the current listing as Alpha. There appears to be 12 unique Multiplayer maps listed within the datafiles, each map containing multiple game types (some of which aren't yet listed). The full list of detailed Battlefield 3 alpha multiplayer maps are:
    • Testrange_Rome_MP05
    • MP_001
    • MP_001SR
    • MP_002
    • MP_002SR
    • MP_003
    • MP_004
    • MP_004SDM
    • MP_005 (Rome)
    • MP_005SR (Rome)
    • MP_006
    • MP_006CQ
    • MP_006SDM
    • MP_007
    • MP_007SDM
    • MP_008
    • MP_009CQ
    • MP_009SDM
    • MP_009GR
    • MP_012GR
    • MP_012SR
    Battlefield 3 Alpha: Game Modes

    The datafiles show the full list of game modes including an interesting listing entitled "KingOfTheHill", the listing is not mentioned on any of the map types so assume it removed from the actual game or to be added at a later date. The game modes are listed as follows:
    • teamdeathmatch
    • teams_small
    • teams_large
    • conquest_small (CQ)
    • conquest_large (CQ)
    • squadrush (SR)
    • squaddeathmatch (SDM)
    • rush (GR?)
    • KingOfTheHill (As written in Alpha Config)
    Battlefield 3 Alpha: Weapons

    The datafiles include a list of weapons, I haven't checked the list against known listed weapons but it's interesting none the less. The full list of Battlefield 3 Alpha weapons is as follows:
    • m27
    • m320
    • m1014
    • smaw
    • rpg7
    • glock17
    • knife
    • m67grenade
    • g36c
    • xp1placeholder
    • mp443
    • pecheneg
    • mk11
    • dao12
    • aks74u
    • m9
    • m249
    • svd
    • m16a4
    • sv98
    • g3
    • rpk
    • mp7
    • m1911
    • m4a1
    • ak74m
    • m416
    • m16a4
    Battlefield 3 Alpha: Kit Items

    Likewise the datafiles include a list of kit items, the full list of Battlefield 3 Alpha kit items is as follows:
    • claymore
    • radiobeacon
    • repairtool
    • defib
    • tugs
    • defib
    • tugs (???)
    • medkit
    • c4
    • ammobag
    Battlefield 3 Alpha: Specializations

    The datafiles include a list of Specializations, the full list of Battlefield 3 Alpha Specializations is as follows (the list is short, hopefully it will be expanded before the retail release):
    • extendedmag
    • extendedmag2
    • sprint
    • sprint2
    Battlefield 3 Alpha: Weapon Accessories

    The datafiles include a list of Weapon Accessories, there is no indication of the restrictions for each accessory or the weapon it belongs. The full list of Battlefield 3 Alpha Weapon Accessories is as follows:
    • barrel
    • buck
    • foregrip
    • pso
    • eotech
    • extendedmag
    • pkas
    • flechette
    • ballistic
    • flashlight
    • buck_small
    • targetpointer
    • rx01
    • barrel_small
    • soundsupressor
    • pks07
    • pka
    • m145
    • pkas
    • kobra
    • flashsupressor
    • riflescope
    • acog
    • bipod
    • pka
    Battlefield 3 Alpha: Vehicle Accessories

    The datafiles include a list of Vehicle Accessories, the full list of Battlefield 3 Alpha Vehicle Accessories is as follows:
    • proximity
    • armor
    • zoomoptics
    • envg
    • tow
    • coaxmg
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    Quite a lot of hints there to get us thinking on what there is going to be in the game, cheers and nice find Morgan!

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    King of the Hill. .... bwahahahahahaah!

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    Thank you a lot for this! And 12 maps for multi, that's really nice... so 16 with BtK?

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    Thanks for the details Morgan!

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    This is great, does anyone have more speculation into what each of these are? e.g. go down the weapon list and give the full weapon names, or the accessories list and try to figure out what each is.

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    Can't wait for the main beta for the xbox. :P

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    Awesome, Morgan! Can't wait to see the finalized beauty that will be BF3 keep the info coming!

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    while curiousity may have led me to look at this amazing info, however now im even more curious to find out if there was any mention on the typical RECON TYPE things as was in BF2 such as mortar strikes & m95 for that matter ? i looked a list a few times err have i just overlooked it?? inquiring minds wanna kno??

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    Awesome mate !! dat's good to know

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