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Is BF4 really laggy for anyone else?

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    Is BF4 really laggy for anyone else?

    I've seen a few other people having similar issues on the BF4 forums so I don't think I'm completely alone, but it seems like it's running fine for most people. For me it's pretty much not even playable - my FPS is insanely low. I've tried adjusting the settings down to low, setting my resolution lower, but nothing seems to change anything. BF3 runs absolutely flawlessly on this computer so I'm really confused as to why I'm having this issue with BF4 (the beta was just as laggy for me)

    Here's my specs:
    Alienware M17X
    Windows 7 Home Premium
    i7 3610 @ 2.3Ghz
    Radeon 7970
    16GB RAM
    1080P 60GHz display

    It's definitely something to do with my game/computer since it's definitely not my connection (I'm consistently pinging 30-40ms). I've made sure my Power mode is set to "high performance" but the game is still way choppy.

    Anyone out there having similar problems or know how to fix it?

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    what game settings you using? take a picture it'll be easier to see

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    I can't seem to be able to screen cap it no matter what I try. I

    It's set to 1920x1080 60GHz, and I've tried it in both windowed and fullscreen mode and it's behaving the same in both. Brightness is 50, Vertical sync is off. FOV is 70, motion blur is 50, weapon DOF on, colorblind off, HUD is 60, resolution scale is 100.

    I've got it on medium right now and it's just awful :/

    Edit: When I run the "system performance test" in the video options menu, under recommendations it says to lower graphic quality because I have a poor FPS. Well, duh...but why? Hahah...argh.

    Edit2: Finally got a cap to work:

    Final edit: Okay, looks like I finally figured it out! There's something on my Alienware called a Catalyst Control Center and in there I had to manually set "bf4.exe" to "high performance"...looks like the reason it was running so poorly is because it wasn't switching to my dedicated graphics card when running the game. No wonder! Having a lot of fun with it now!
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