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The New Battlefield 3 Assignments

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    Quote Originally Posted by bstinson View Post
    Same here. With the way they're advertising it, I assumed that the maps, vehicles, and weapons would the content that we're buying, with a handful of extra awards and unlocks thrown in.

    Instead, it appears that this is really just a small map pack, with the weapons being extras that we can choose to unlock if we want to. It's certainly not the Battlefield 2 "mini-mod" that they seem to be advertising.

    I think what they should have done is give us the maps, vehicles, and ten weapons out-of-the-box. Then, thrown in a few extra weapons that can be unlocked via the new Assignments system.
    there not small at all o.O

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    Well in all honesty I really don't like the way they have it set up that you have to do all these things to unlock one weapon. As for the campers I suppose that you could classify me as one. When I'm in a squad of friends we have a sniper, a medic, and a support class, and most of the time another medic or support class, and rarely we use a engineer class. And all of us stick to one spot helping each other. If we are in a building we have the sniper and the support classes looking out of windows; we have the medic standing by and we have another support glass watching the steps with C-4 planted waiting for any enemies. But in the end it's just a game and we're here to have fun.

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    تلعب معي

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    I am totally agree with your oppinion.this post is very encouraging to people who want to know these topics.

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