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Battlefield 3 Battlelog

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    LoL that was funny and soooooo true

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    I cant wait for the beat, im going to download it in the morning

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    I know it’s a beta but…make sure this is not in the release.

    1. Climbing fences and walls - for the most part its flawless but on occasion the objects in the game don’t seem to recognized the players proximity which I am guess allows the climbing motion when the player activates the climb.
    2. Map Glitches – Several spots that I was able to crawl under the map and take down the enemy without the risk of being seen or take enemy fire.

    What I did like……

    1. Bipod - Great addition to the weapon attachment inventory. I have only used it on a sniper rifle but was surprised to have the use on a full auto. The stability while prone makes targeting feel cheating. F**kn sweet!
    2. Graphics – great look considering the PS3 only allows 512MB RAM. Don’t like gaming on PC so I guess I will have to wait until Sony builds a powerhouse system.
    3. Maps – The last few Shooter titles that I have played has irritating objects in the games that disrupts your flow of movement. I F**KN HATE THAT. B3 maps are huge and have terrain that will allow squads to used a wide range of strategies.

    To the “Developers”..

    I loved BC2 but stopped playing the Multiplayer due to thesystem freezes and lose of connections to the games. I still see that in theBeta but I am hoping it’s just in the Beta. Overall this game is smoking, Notreally much to complain about. Take care of these guys suggestions if you wantus to go “above and beyond the Call of Duty. Lol..Great PR job btw.

    RAWsewage…..Untreated waste

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    hi every1,i've been playing BF3 beta for 2 dayz now and i see 1 thing that needs too be FIXed...that is on the metro map in the park area in some places on the ground while your walking or running you some times fall in to the ground looking up at the map and have too suicide coz i can't jump out,plus i've seen other players fall into ground aswell.....plz also playing on my PS3.

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    yay go Battlefield 3 players im in yer squad

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    BF3 AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this demo is grate

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    Well i know this is the first day for the online beta but WOW this is not good! lots of glitches/ jerky movements/ the old i shot you first but i die/ killed by one shot from blocks away with a weapon that is not powerful or a sniper rifle /the good old ( call of duty ) shot at or near me and i die/ or how about the enemy that can NOT be seen grapics . This beta has very poor grapics and i sure hope that BF3 is nothing like that! I loved BC1 and BC2 and was waiting for BF3 but WOW the feel of the beta is way way too much like STUPID Call of Duty. I only hope that BF3 does not turn out the be just like call of duty with it's poor online multiplayer game. I also am having second thoughts about this game, I hate to say it but it feels way to much like call of duty and i hate those games.

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    Battlefield 3 is and WILL be the Call of Duty killer. FINALLY!!! Activision SUCKS.

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    what is sence of having a beta if u cannott connect 2 the game.if ea's servers r going 2 b this shitty than i want my money back on the game.its b.s.

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    The Battlelog service is being very shitty to me. It says Join Game, then it stops and says Game is up to date. Sometimes it just says Joining Game without launching the exe, it's horrible.

    Guess I am just going to play some Batman: Arkham Asylum, which can work.

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